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Thursday, September 10, 2009

“Little Girl Blue” Triumphant Return!

Performance in Philly, Saturday, Sept. 12th

These past few months have found me extremely busy with my life as a writer and performance artist. Here in Philly it’s Fringe Festival time and that means “Little Girl Blue” is back for a command performance. I am honored and humbled to say Bassist Warren Oree will join me with original music on his acoustic upright double bass. Once again I will reprise the role of “Little Girl Blue” as I portray 17 characters in this gut-wrenching, twisting tale of a Black woman’s sojourn across the modern American urban landscape. Experience the highs, the lows, the good, the bad, the ugly and the humorous. Everything gets underway Saturday night, Sept. 12th, 8 p.m. at the Community Education Center’s Meeting House Theater located at 3500 Lancaster Avenue, Phila., PA 19104. The evening’s MC is Radio Personality J. Michael Harrison, host of “The Bridge” on WRTI-FM, 90.1. By the way, this new performance photo was taken by the amazing photographer Hannan Saleh. Tickets @ the door; $15 each. Call (215) 877-5165 for more info. Please come out and support us. Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings Always.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Beyond the shock over the sudden death of Michael Jackson, my thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones, especially his mother, Mrs. Katherine Jackson. Michael has ascended to a better place; he is out of all the tremendous pain and suffering he endured in this world. What a huge sacrifice and debt he paid for his musical genius, extraordinary showmanship, business prowess and marketing savvy. He left an astounding legacy and will always be remembered as the best of the best in a category all his own, in a universe all his own. Despite personal problems and scandals, Michael Jackson will always be loved. Even in death, his huge contributions continue to reverberate the world over.

Without a doubt, this week will go down in history as “The Week That Was.” Innocent Civilians shot down and killed for protesting the Iranian election, which was surely no more than a farce; unprecedented bloodshed in Iraq; the tragic fatal DC metro crash, where nine precious souls lost their lives (may they rest in peace); the unsavory exploits of South Carolina’s Governor and the ensuing personal and political debacle; the death of Ed McMahon (may he rest in peace); the passing of Farrah Fawcett (may she also rest in peace) & Oh My God! The King Is Dead!!!!!; The King of Pop is Dead!!!!! Michael Jackson Dead at 50 apparently from Cardiac Arrest!!!!; Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson; Rest in Peace. We love you and we will miss you.
Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thirty Five Years Later

“Claudine” Revisited

Diahann Carroll was a sexy lithe Little Mama and James Earl Jones was a buffed fine hunk of a Big Daddy when they starred in 1974’s timeless urban romance, “Claudine.” The feel, the verve, the utter magic of this film was captured and preserved not only through the screenplay, but also through the classic music and lyrics for the soundtrack that was conceived and composed by Curtis Mayfield, and performed in stellar fashion by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

In the movie’s top five chart topper, “On and On,” Mayfield, through the keen voices of Gladys Knight and the Pips reminds us we have to “Keep on Movin,’ Keep on Groovin.’ I totally loved revisiting this movie 35 years later. Seeing the fashions of the 70’s: platform shoes, loud prints, tube tops, all stylishly worn to compliment huge Afros’ and do you remember sideburns? Yes, the men looked so manly and sexy with those thick sideburns! An urban romance, where the man was a man, always treated the woman like a lady – opening doors, pouring drinks, buying ice cream for her children, bringing new appliances for the household, and helping Little Mama pay her pay rent and handle those rough boys.

All these years later, with Curtis Mayfield’s strings welling up in the background and Gladys Knight’s sultry contralto vibrating in the foreground, I love hearing the words uttered by “Claudine’s” leading man, Rupert P. Marshall, portrayed by the acting monolith James Earl Jones: “You’ve got to make the best of each day ‘cause when you’re dead life isn’t worth living.” Enough said.


Far away there in the sunshine
are my highest aspirations.

I may not reach them, but I can look up
and see their beauty, believe in them,
and try to follow where they lead.

Louisa May Alcott

Monday, April 27, 2009


Don’t Miss America I AM: The African American Imprint

Rosa Parks is featured in the exhibition, "America I AM: The African American Imprint" which is on view through Sunday, May 3rd at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Don’t miss this last opportunity to experience this groundbreaking exhibit. Presented by Tavis Smiley, America I AM celebrates 400 years of African American contributions to the story of "We, the People." America I AM presents a historical continuum of pivotal moments in courage, conviction and creativity, like the actions of Rosa Parks that highlight the indelible imprint of African Americans across the nation and around the world. Experience our shared culture and history through this unprecedented collection of rare historical objects, documents and photos that tell this uniquely American story.
Here is the link for more information:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music, Dance & Spoken Word

Underground Soul at Patterson’s Palace

“Underground Soul,” hosted by poet Aziza Kinteh, comes to Patterson’s Palace every fourth Saturday. This is a showcase of conscious artists produced by Nate Brown Entertainment, LLC. Syncere, the sensational neo-soul singer, headlines this weekend. The phenomenal line-up also features house band the Urban Shamans, spoken-word by the awesome duo, the Queen and the Unknown Poet, African Dance by Carmen Butler and vocal stylings by M’Balia Singley.
If you go:
Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009
Time: 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Place: Patterson’s Palace Restaurant
1621 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Phone: (215) 850-0976
URL: www.soulcommune.com/profile/NateBrownEntertainmentLLC
Cost: $10

“Juxtapose” Jeanne Ruddy Dance 9th Concert Season

Exuberant dance series features world premieres by choreographers Jeanne Ruddy & Martha Clarke
If you go:
Dates & Times:
Friday, April 24th, 8 p.m.
Saturday, April 25th 8 p.m.
Sunday, April 26th 3 p.m.
Place: The Performance Garage
1515 Brandywine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone: (215) 569-4060
URL: www.ruddydance.org
Cost: $25

Frank Bey Blues Band at LaRose Social Club

A must-see blues show!
If you go:
Date: Friday, April 24, 2009
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: LaRose Social Club
5531 Germantown Avenue (@ Schoolhouse Lane)
Philadelphia, PA 19144
URL: http://www.frankbeymusic.com
Cost: $15

Guest Artists Appear @ Sound of Market Street
Norman Connors CD signing
Lady Alma and Lots More!

If you go:
Date: Saturday, April 25, 2009
Times: 1 p.m. Norman Connors
2 p.m. Lady Alma, Aaron Mingo, Helen & Terry
Place: Sound of Market Street Record Store
15 South 11th Street, (Between Market & Chestnut0
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 925-3150
URL: www.jazsound.com
Cost: Free Admission

“Jazz Bridge” Hosts Annual Fundraiser for Musicians in Need
Featuring Warren Oree & Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble
Vocalists Denise King, and Ella Gahnt, Klingon Klezmer Band with Dave Posmontier and many others
If you go:
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009
Time: 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Place: Philadelphia Clef Club of the Performing Arts
736 South Broad Street (@ Fitzwater)
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Phone: (215) 517-8337
URL: www.jazzbridge.org
Cost: $25

Friday, April 3, 2009

Transformation Journey

It's hard to believe it's been a month since my last blog post. But it has. I am not as obedient as I should be to the acknowledgement of the acceleration of time. However it is time to keep up. Now is the time. No time like the present. Time is time. Time to reflect. Time to move forward. My performances of "Little Girl Blue" last month at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia were a blessing, truly a dream come true. My ace collaborator, Bassist and Composer Warren Oree, really tore the house down. Everybody loved him. He also plays African percussion during these performances and the mix with his acoustic double bass is, well, awesome. My role as the actor and spoken word artist in this play is truly elevated by Warren's presence; we are developing this piece individually and collectively. Inspiration and motivation work wonders in helping artists max out their talent and I must say Warren is one of the most inspirational cats I have ever had the privilege of calling my cultural collaborator. And I am also so humbled and fortunate to call him my friend. As an actor, I can honestly say I have done some of my best work with Warren up on that stage with me, encouraging me all the way.

I must admit that over these past few years, "Little Girl Blue" has truly grown to become an obsession with me. I am the vessel that is channeling these poignant and triumphant stories. The characters, the scenes, the ideas - all seem to come through me and not necessarily from me in the logical accepted norm of brainwork, thought synthesis and application. This is an unconscious phenomenon that has become tangible in the form of a stage production. I realize I am being used. I am being moved in a spiritual way. Even though I wrote this saga, where I portray 17 characters that symbolize a Black woman's coming of age and survival against all types of indignation and abuse, I cannot take full credit for it. And who knew that domestic violence would take on such prominence on the world stage at this particular time? Woman abuse has been prevalent for centuries but is currently in the headlines because of certain celebrities' personal lives coming under unfortunate public exposure, judgement and scrutiny.

Anyway, because of this realization that I am dealing with an obsession, I will transform "Little Girl Blue" into its own blog. And return to keeping "Cultural Collideoscope" entries more universal and not necessarily about me. Starting now.. . . yes... the transformation journey is starting now. Look for "Little Girl Blue" in its new home soon. Stay tuned for enhanced episodes of "Cultural Collideoscope." Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings
"The Lady Dove"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Passionate Performance Art

“Little Girl Blue” Returns! March 21st & 22nd

Following my passion for telling stories led me to write and produce my one-woman show, “Little Girl Blue.” It will be in Philadelphia March 21st & 22nd. “Little Girl Blue” is a montage of monologues and spoken-word poetry set to music composed and performed by the awesome bassist Warren Oree. Multi-media segments heighten the sensory impulses of this searing saga of the 17 characters I portray.

“Little Girl Blue” is not for sissies. It’s hardcore truth, in your face and not always pretty. This work-in-progress explores themes of sexual abuse, domestic violence, female sexuality and self-esteem. It deals with African American social consciousness and empowerment. It deals with Black love, relationships, family secrets and the unbreakable bonds that characterize the strength and resilience of the African American people. Even though there is a lot of heavy stuff going on in this piece, there are lighthearted, humorous moments intertwined with these raw, intense tales. “Little Girl Blue” reveals decades of pain, pathos and desperation endured until she reconciles her past and emerges victorious and magnificently transformed. Recommended for mature audiences.

Please come out and support this self-produced effort that features an African Marketplace before and after each show:

Dates & Times:

Saturday, March 21, 2009; Doors open 7 p.m.; Show starts @ 8 p.m.
Sunday, March 22, 2009; Doors open at 2 p.m.; Show starts @ 3 p.m.
Community Education Center (CEC) in the Meeting House Theater
3500 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19104
$15 – General Admission
Contact: For Tickets email Pheralyn Dove at:
Pheralyn@aol.com or call: (215) 877-5165
Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings.