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Friday, April 3, 2009

Transformation Journey

It's hard to believe it's been a month since my last blog post. But it has. I am not as obedient as I should be to the acknowledgement of the acceleration of time. However it is time to keep up. Now is the time. No time like the present. Time is time. Time to reflect. Time to move forward. My performances of "Little Girl Blue" last month at the Community Education Center in Philadelphia were a blessing, truly a dream come true. My ace collaborator, Bassist and Composer Warren Oree, really tore the house down. Everybody loved him. He also plays African percussion during these performances and the mix with his acoustic double bass is, well, awesome. My role as the actor and spoken word artist in this play is truly elevated by Warren's presence; we are developing this piece individually and collectively. Inspiration and motivation work wonders in helping artists max out their talent and I must say Warren is one of the most inspirational cats I have ever had the privilege of calling my cultural collaborator. And I am also so humbled and fortunate to call him my friend. As an actor, I can honestly say I have done some of my best work with Warren up on that stage with me, encouraging me all the way.

I must admit that over these past few years, "Little Girl Blue" has truly grown to become an obsession with me. I am the vessel that is channeling these poignant and triumphant stories. The characters, the scenes, the ideas - all seem to come through me and not necessarily from me in the logical accepted norm of brainwork, thought synthesis and application. This is an unconscious phenomenon that has become tangible in the form of a stage production. I realize I am being used. I am being moved in a spiritual way. Even though I wrote this saga, where I portray 17 characters that symbolize a Black woman's coming of age and survival against all types of indignation and abuse, I cannot take full credit for it. And who knew that domestic violence would take on such prominence on the world stage at this particular time? Woman abuse has been prevalent for centuries but is currently in the headlines because of certain celebrities' personal lives coming under unfortunate public exposure, judgement and scrutiny.

Anyway, because of this realization that I am dealing with an obsession, I will transform "Little Girl Blue" into its own blog. And return to keeping "Cultural Collideoscope" entries more universal and not necessarily about me. Starting now.. . . yes... the transformation journey is starting now. Look for "Little Girl Blue" in its new home soon. Stay tuned for enhanced episodes of "Cultural Collideoscope." Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings
"The Lady Dove"

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